Crisis Management in 5 Steps

We are experts in crisis management, emergency management and crisis communications. Within and across these areas we provide assessment, planning, training, exercise testing, evaluation, and on-call crisis management services to help clients manage and prepare for crises effectively.


The first priority of good emergency and crisis management is to protect people from harm; the second priority is to protect reputational, physical and financial assets.


We use a robust methodology to ensure you are best placed to manage an emergency or corporate crisis when it occurs – the Crisis Shield Crisis Ready Process comprises five critical phases: Assessment, Planning, Training, Testing (with Evaluation), and Learning & Adaption.


Our crisis consulting works according to the five key stages of best-practice crisis management. This means we develop a complete solution for you based on a start-to-finish understanding of your circumstances.


Our services are founded on principles of best-practice, current research, industry thinking, empirical evidence and hands-on experience in crisis cases. 


Our five key crisis consulting services, which together form the Crisis Shield Five Step Crisis Ready Process, are outlined below. Click on any of the modules to find out more.


Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Step 5
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