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Who's representing your brand in a crisis?

In two separate incidents on April 2nd 2015 bouncers were stabbed at Melbourne nightlife venues.

The responses by security staff at each venue varied greatly, and called into question the training and attitude of some security personnel and the culture around their place of employment.

The first response where it’s alleged a bouncer was stabbed in the back at Swanston Streets ‘The Toff In Town’ venue was praised by police, where the reaction by bouncers at Queen Streets 'CQ Bar' has been harshly condemned.

In comparison to the conduct of the bouncers outside 'The Toff in Town', twelve security personnel working for CQ have now been charged over the “severe assault” of a man after they allegedly chased down to beat and stab him, after the victim was apparently refused entry and was said to use a knife to slash one of the bouncers. After the beating, the victim was then allegedly dumped in an alcove, covered in blood.

That an apparent on-going feud was said to be the cause of the violence has further tarnished the reputation of the bouncers involved. The response by the alleged ringleader of the bashing to it being filmed by a passer-by was to allegedly steal the phone and threaten further violence.

Some might argue that in the ‘heat of the moment’ the bouncers saw red and went overboard in defense of their colleague. But this cannot be an excuse. Security are trained professionals, and where that training fails, or is ignored, the consequences of violence reflect badly on the venue, and patrons may feel unsafe and vulnerable.

The stabbing of two security guards in the one night shows a disturbing trend in violence towards bouncers that cannot be ignored by security companies and venue owners. How security react in these situations reflects on venue owners and can severely tarnish a venue’s brand and reputation.

Are you happy with those who are the face of your brand when things go wrong? Contact Briggs Communications to discuss your preparedness and response strategy should it occur.

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