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COVID-19: Resilience in the new normal

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For many months it seemed like COVID was finally over in Australia – there had been a few small outbreaks here and there, but with most states only needing to implement ‘spot lockdowns’ which were lifted after only a few days, it seemed like life was more or less ‘back to normal’.

Fast forward to the last couple of weeks, beginning with Victoria (whose ‘spot lockdown’ ended up being extended to two weeks, with many restrictions still in place today), and continuing to New South Wales (where they are currently battling their worst outbreak since the pre-Christmas Northern Beaches cluster), as well as new outbreaks in Queensland, South Australia and Alice Springs, it’s a shock reminder that the pandemic is far from over.

With increased pressure to open borders (both interstate and international) and many businesses still suffering immensely, the government is in a tight spot – open up and risk even worse outbreaks (do we want to become Brazil, the US or India)? Or remain closed and plunge the country into even more financial ruin, destroying a swathe of people’s livelihoods along the way (not to mention the huge toll it has on mental health and the ability for people to simply get on with their lives)?

There is a lot of hope riding on the COVID-19 vaccine, but we can’t rely on it to be a magic wand that will fix all the problems of the pandemic in one fell swoop. There are still many outbreaks happening in the UK, the Seychelles and Israel, despite the high percentage of vaccinated people, which have prompted the government to extend restrictions. And health experts have already flagged that, with the ever-evolving variants of the disease, we should be prepared for the need for vaccination to be an annual event (similar to the flu shot).

Should we be starting to treat ‘these times’ as just normal life now? If so, we need to start thinking about how to really make this way of living sustainable for everybody.

Here at Crisis Shield we have adopted the mantra; this is normal life now.

We find having this mindset helps with planning and staying sane in these ever-evolving times. Several of our staff have been caught in lockdowns and we have learnt to make the most of difficult situations.

Being adaptable, not disheartened, when things change and being flexible when clients move dates is now part of our normal operating procedures. If we all adopt this kind of mentality we can navigate through these challenging times.

We have also found keeping healthy has been a great help – reducing alcohol intake, regular exercise and eating healthy food all contribute to keeping you that much more resilient.

Call me on 0417 160 120 or email if you would like to know more on how to prepare and protect your business during these challenging times.

PS… We believe this image sums up the current situation; cut your path no matter how daunting and uncomfortable that may be.


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