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The forgotten but equally important piece of cyber preparedness

As we kick off 2023, cyber-attacks are front of mind for all businesses. Almost all our plans, training and testing bookings for 2023 so far are cyber-related, which speaks volumes of where businesses are focusing their attention.

And for good reason – cyber-attacks are on the rise and they can cause significant damage to your business.

Journalist Tony Boyd’s recent article in the AFR highlighted just how seriously CEOs of major corporations are taking cyber threats. However, whilst the article focused on IT security (which is vital) it didn’t cover the other and equally as important piece of work: training and testing your crisis team.

The Optus breach and subsequent response demonstrated how important your crisis team response is (unfortunately in Optus' case, demonstrating how lacking their preparedness was.) They appear to have conducted themselves with good intention, however making statements like “we’re not the villains” and putting a very fatigued head of communications up for interview showed they had not sufficiently prepared their crisis team.

Investing in cybersecurity is necessary; investing in training and testing of your crisis team is equally vital.

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