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Building Your Personal Brand


Have you ever stopped to consider your personal brand and what it says about you?  


Through your online activities your personal brand is visible to hundreds of prospective employers so it’s imperative to understand what message you are sending. 


In today’s rapidly changing and dynamic workforce it is vital to have a personal brand that articulates what you’re passionate about, where you’re heading and which organisations you want to work for.


Your personal brand is synonymous with your reputation. It refers to the way people see you, what you stand for and encapsulates the very essence of who you are. If you are serious about defining your own career path then having a strong and clear personal brand is necessary. Your personal brand is an investment in yourself. As you move through your career your personal brand will support you by underpinning everything you do up to and including the way you operate, interact with others, deliver on projects and most importantly make career decisions.


Our brand building workshops assist you to build your personal brand by developing your key messages, managing your LinkedIn profile, understanding the value of your network, cultivating a corporate image, having a 30-second elevator pitch and understanding your mission, vision, values and ethics.


Your personal brand creates a vehicle for you to talk confidently about yourself and your goals at all times. It’s a platform that helps you standout when competing for Media and Communications jobs.


Understanding your professional self is vital to building a solid career within the Communications sector.  You can achieve this by committing to an ongoing program of  Professional Development and the first step is knowing your personal brand.


Are you ready, willing and able to build your personal brand? 




Build Your Personal Brand Training Workshop

“Allan keeps all course material firmly rooted in the practical and the relevant. His approachability, responsiveness and willingness to share his experiences means that his classes are engaging and feel more like professional development than pure academia. I would not hesitate to recommend Allan’s work as a lecturer to anyone interested in studying communications.”


Carlita Bevege

Communications Adviser, Foundation for Young Australians

August 9, 2011

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