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Coronavirus: A World in Crisis

As global cases of coronavirus skyrocket toward 200 million, with over 4 million fatalities since December 2019, the entire world has been turned on its head. With many industries needing to temporarily close or operate on reduced capacity and millions of people already out of work, economies and businesses are facing uncertain times ahead. 

However, Crisis Shield is here to help.

We can guide your business through this difficult period by helping you manage business continuity, advising you how to transition to a downsized workforce, how to adjust to remote working, or simply by offering on-call crisis support for when you need it most. We are currently offering the following specialised services tailored specifically to the COVID-19 pandemic:

Option 1 – Free


Our Top Ten Tips of Advice

Our Pandemic Business Continuity Overview

Option 2 – $9,500*

A CIMP (Critical Incident Management Plan) with templates

A two hour training session through Microsoft Teams

On-call support during COVID-19 event

Option 3 – Contact us for quote


A bespoke CIMP specifically tailored to your company and its needs

Online training for your Executive team to enable them to function as a CIMT (Critical Incident Management Team)

Ongoing crisis support via videoconferencing, email and/or telephone

For further information, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our CEO Allan Briggs (0417 160 120) or to email us at

*Terms and Conditions apply

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