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Crisis Management Foundations Training

A crisis can happen to any organisation. Would your business be able to handle a data breach? What about a natural disaster or serious offence? Are you ready to relocate if your office burns down?


Aim, Scope and Expected Outcomes

Our Crisis Management Foundations Training aims to develop a consistent level of knowledge, skills and preparedness among your organisation’s designated crisis and incident managers.

Our training is based on best-practice guidelines, enhanced with real-life lessons from our practical experience in issue, emergency, crisis and crisis communication management. It covers crisis and incident management principles, concepts, processes, techniques and tools, focussing on key knowledge and skills that are essential to effectively respond and recover from a crisis or incident.

It empowers participants to:

  1. Achieve control of a crisis or incident as soon as possible.

  2. Communicate effectively, both internally and externally.

  3. Feel prepared with clear, well-understood structures, roles and responsibilities.

  4. Build situational awareness through information management and collective working.

  5. Use a clear and well-rehearsed decision-making and action driving process.

  6. Lead teams confidently in stressful situations.

  7. Maintain records of decisions and actions, including facts known and any assumptions.

  8. Learn from mistakes and make changes to prevent their reoccurrence.


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