Crisis Simulation Exercises

Our objective in our crisis simulations or scenario training is to ensure an organisation’s plans will achieve the right results in practice.  Our live scenario training enables a client to pilot a new idea, test a new plan, or rehearse an existing plan in realistically simulated circumstances.  Predictions of increased frequency and severity of weather events, threats of cyber attacks, as well as threats of physical attacks will mean employees will need to be prepared to face a variety of scenario’s possible in the modern business environment.


Scenario training is a vital rehearsal tool for an organisation to ensure plans are up-to-date, effective and completely understood by the staff responsible for implementing them.  Our training exercises assess the efficacy of plans and staff performance in a scenario.  Our robust methodology ensures participating staff and organisations get maximum value from their training, both during the active rehearsal and in the post-scenario follow-up. 


Our unique training methodology means we:


  • Use realistic and challenging scenario triggers

  • Observe and record activities during the scenario

  • Evaluate the scenario data

  • Identify key learnings from the results

  • Help clients act on the learnings by adjusting plans or delivering further training


Check out the video below to get a taste for what our simulations look like:


 Testing Needs Analysis 
   Bespoke Scenario   
    Facilitated Exercise e.g. Live Simulation    


  • Orientate ourselves with your organisation, communication and risks

  • Identify your testing needs: who, what and how to test

  • Devise and prepare a Bespoke Scenario based on characteristics identified in the Testing Needs Analysis

  • Simulate a Bespoke Scenario to test your organisation's crisis management performance

How we plan exercises (simulations)

We plan and write an exercise in collaboration with our client.  Depending on the scope of work, this can include leading the exercise planning process, defining exercise objectives, securing participation from internal and external stakeholders, and writing exercise materials such as an Exercise Plan, detailed Master Schedule of Events, participant handbooks, and other briefing documents.

Based on the exercise scope, we then research, develop and resource realistic and customised simulation injects.  These may include telephone calls, online news websites, audio clips, video clips, images, media releases, email notifications, SMS notifications, media conferences, social media pages, and actors in face to face role play.


How we conduct exercises

Depending on the scope of work, we can conduct all aspects of the exercise for our client, including exercise play and simulation, briefings and debriefings.  Our exercise director oversees the controllers, simulators and facilitators who keep the exercise running on schedule in line with the exercise objectives.


How we evaluate & report on exercises

Depending on the scope of work, we can prepare exercise evaluation guides, provide evaluators to collect data throughout all phases of the exercise, collate and analyse data, and provide our client with a comprehensive Exercise Report, including actionable recommendations for improvement.