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Cristina Lesseur
Crisis Management & Recall Consultant


Dr Cristina Lesseur has a deep understanding of the Food ecosystem and its current and emerging risks, and is a passionate advocate for the growth and sustainability of the food sector. Recently joining the team at Crisis Shield, Cristina wants to help businesses navigate through uncertainty and be well-prepared, providing confidence to consumers, regulators and other stakeholders that your products are safe and can be trusted.


Cristina has led a very successful global career in the Food and Beverage industry, managing teams to deal with risks and opportunities for more than 25 years. With a PhD in Biological Sciences (Microbiology-Food technology) and a very strong Science, Regulatory and Food Safety background, Cristina is able to translate technical risks into pragmatic and actionable frameworks for business, preparing them to respond effectively to challenges and mitigate the consequences.

Cristina developed the Corporate Business Risk framework and tools for a multi-category business (Simplot Australia), also leading the training, simulation and remediation activities for executive, operations, commercial and technical teams for many years. This facilitated a successful response to major and critical incidents, including product recalls, food fraud and food security threats, reputational, brand and regulatory challenges.

Cristina has been an active contributor to many Food bodies such as the AIFST-Australian Food Science and Technology, Australian Food and Grocery council -AFGC, Safefish, the National Food Safety Task Force, GS1 Recall advisory group (which she co-chaired in 2017-2018), and the National Incident Forum led by FSANZ. 


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