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Product Recall Services

Crisis Shield's 5-Step Methodology for crisis management can also be extended to the management of Product Recalls. We recommend the following critical phases to ensure your business has the most comprehensive and holistic approach:


  1. Develop or update recall plans

  2. Recall training for all stakeholders

  3. Product recall exercising & testing (with evaluation)

  4. On-call recall support

Product Recall Plans

Our planning services can renovate your existing plan and/or build new plan (usually in line with an initial assessment). Deliverables include a revised and/or bespoke recall plan along with further recommendations.


Product Recall Training

Our recall training workshops orientate your key staff to your new or revised recall plan. This includes a variety of training exercises and courses to upskill and equip your staff with the knowledge and skills to execute your recall plan quickly and efficiently, whilst managing all relevant stakeholders. 


Product Recall Exercises

A mock recall exercise will help you to rigorously practise and assess your company’s recall plans, procedures and responsiveness. We will work with you and your people to respond quickly and efficiently for when an incident can lead to a potential product recall or withdrawal, helping your business to mitigate both financial and reputational damages. We will also help you prepare for cases that could escalate to a crisis with more serious consequences, and provide support for your business’ compliance to regulations and customers.

Food Recalls

Our food recall exercises are centred around the most relevant food recall threats and emerging risks, including undeclared allergens, microbial contaminants, regulatory non-compliance and packaging defects. The test will allow you to run traceability within an agreed timeframe, as well as run through a full end-to-end situation in order to challenge your processes and people.

Other Manufacturing Recalls

Our manufacturing recall exercises will focus on specific industry challenges, regulatory framework and consumer expectations. They will help to determine the effectiveness of a manufacturer’s traceability and recall procedures. You will be able to identify pivotal points in your supply chain and manufacturing process to get you to the root of the issue as quickly as possible, as well as validating your response and communications to key stakeholders.

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On-Call Recall Support

The Crisis Shield team of crisis and recall consultants provide an on-call service to advise & support your key managers and communicators to aid your organisation’s response during a recall.


We can mobilise a team of experts armed with extensive experience across most industries and recall types - along with pre-written plans, templates, and documents to help you through an immediate or ongoing issue.

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