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Sharon Givoni
Legal Consultant


Sharon is a highly experienced lawyer and Registered Trade Mark Attorney. She is a creative problem solver and an articulate communicator. However, most importantly, she is dedicated to providing comprehensive legal advice in a straightforward and pragmatic manner.


Sharon’s team can assist with the legal side of a product recall, including advice on whether one is required at all, the legal side of the recall procedure and any notices that need to be given to the public. The team works closely with Crisis Clarity and Crisis Shield businesses to provide an end-to-end solution from product recall, crisis media and legal advice.


On the “reactive” side of things, when things go wrong Sharon’s team gives prompt legal advice following a food or product safety incident. Non-compliance can have serious consequences, including product recall and adverse publicity. Sharon’s team works closely with Crisis Clarity to reduce any risks including how to manage the media. 


Sharon and her legal team advise across all aspects of product law and regulation: drafting of contracts and disclaimers for products, labelling review, compliance verification, product recalls and crisis management. 



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