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Crisis Shield, in partnership with BlackBerry AtHoc, have launched a mass incident alerting and communication solution for Melbourne's major venues and organisations; enabling them to communicate during a critical incident affecting the city.

CopyThe Melbourne Shield


Critical incidents in Melbourne can affect the people, operations, reputation and sustainability of the city’s major organisations and businesses. Inquiries reviewing the response to critical incidents occurring in the past decade share a common finding: insufficient communication between key organisations and stakeholders in responding to the incident.

Collaboration, resource sharing and two-way communication will be a necessity for responding to contemporary and future risks. An instant and credible communication channel between Melbourne’s major organisations will drastically increase the efficiency and efficacy of the city’s response to critical incidents.


The Melbourne Shield uses AtHoc, BlackBerry's Crisis Alerting software, to connect Melbourne's major venues and organisations in an exclusive critical incident network - immediately alerting key personnel when a major incident occurs and enabling them to communicate with their counterparts at other organisations; coordinating the city's response.

Is your business interested in joining the network?

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