Regular training and drills are integral to keeping a consistent level of preparedness across your team however it can be difficult to regularly budget time and resources for major crisis exercises.


As an alternative, we offer an annual package of three First Hour Response Drills to supplement your annual major exercise. These are quick drills that run for 1.5 hours each and focus on different stages of best-practice crisis response.

Each First Hour Response Drill includes:

  • 1.5 hour drill for < 15 Participants delivered on-site

  • Customised exercise design & planning: 

    • lead 1 x Planning Meeting (< 1 hour, remote/phone)

    • develop Exercise Plan covering objectives, scenario overview, participants, resources and logistics, timelines and performance indicators

  • Customised exercise development and scenario materials:

    • write > 5 Scenario Inputs – injects, discussion & reflection points

    • prepare Drill Presentation (PowerPoint/Prezi)

  • Drill conduct:

    • deliver Drill for < 15 Participants (1.5 hours, face-to-face)

    • 1 x Facilitator

    • present drill injects and discussion points, facilitate discussion & reflection

Depending on the performance of your team, each Drill will cover 2 to 4 of the following early response stages (any stage not covered in the first Drill will be a priority for the second Drill):


  1. Assess the Incident Severity

  2. Activate & Mobilise the Crisis Team

  3. Establish Situation & Set Up Facts Board

  4. Develop an Incident Action Plan  

Example of an annual plan:

•    January: First Hour Response Drill 1 (Response Stages 1-3)
•    April: First Hour Response Drill 2 (Response Stages 3-4)
•    July: Major Exercise (see A4 Testing)
•    October: First Hour Response Drill 3 (Response Stages 1-3)




First Hour Response Drills