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Crisis Management Plan Generator

Build a simple and easy-to-follow plan so that you or your staff know what to do in the heat of the moment.


Our Crisis Plan Generator is powered by the Crisis Shield 'Crisis-Ready' methodology.



  • Read through the following prompts and we'll help you create a basic Crisis Management Plan for your organisation.

  • The information you enter will affect key elements of your bespoke plan. 

  • One of our crisis management advisors will then review the plan, make any necessary amendments and prepare your final plan. 

  • To receive your final plan, you will need to pay a one-off plan generation fee of $489. This is a fraction of the price of what it normally costs to have a bespoke crisis management plan built for your organisation.

  • Your name, email address and organisation name are the only mandatory fields. If you don't know the answer or if the question is irrelevant to your organation, simply leave the field blank. Additional information can always be added to your plan later.

  • If you have any questions along the way, click on the Support tab at the top of this page.

Crisis Intelligence is powered by Crisis Shield
The Crisis Communications Specialists

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