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Crisis tech update: Unmanned drones to deliver critical supplies to danger zones in emergencies

By James Fitzpatrick

Crisis communications

According to a recent article in the Asia-Pacific Aviation Business journal, an unmanned aircraft has successfully delivered around five kilograms of pharmaceuticals and medical supplies from a local airport in the US State of Virginia to a free medical clinic in another part of the state.

The exercise was a trial for a research project that NASA and an Australian start-up company, Flirtey, are leading. Aviation Business reports this test is another example of the many uses for ‘unmanned aerial systems’ as they’re called, noting the US has already considered using them for ‘everything from parcel packages to books and coffee’.

Using unmanned drones could be a valuable response tactic in many emergency scenarios, and particularly for Australia’s increasingly frequent natural disasters in which people can be isolated quickly from critical supplies.

Disregarding the thrill of playing with new toys, staying abreast of and evaluating the latest technologies available to your business is an important habit to nurture if you want your crisis response to be as efficient and effective as current best practice, technology and your customers expect it to be.

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