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Taking Crisis Management to the USA

What cements understanding and what to do in a crisis situation is experiential learning.

At Crisis Shield we provide our clients with the opportunity to step into realistic crisis scenarios. It can be confrontational and challenging but is the best way to test your plans and prepare your staff with a deeper understanding of what to do in a crisis.

Our Australian clients report their staff feeling better equipped to respond in a crisis situation having the confidence of experiencing a prior crisis scenario.

Our work is rapidly becoming recognised internationally and in December our team are travelling to Chicago Illinois.

We'll be working with Masters Students from the Northwestern University (NU), School of Communication. Our simulation exercise and seminar will provide a unique opportunity to train future leaders of US organisations in preparedness for crisis situations.

Northwestern University understand that to equip leaders they need to give them more than just a textbook understanding.

We are looking forward to partnering with NU on this international project developing skills in crisis management.

Click here to see what one of our crisis simulations looks like.

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