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FEMA's National Preparedness Month: Are You Ready?

FEMA National Preparedness Month

The US uses September to highlight preparedness with their National Preparedness Month. Federal agencies release information to companies, community groups and families about their emergency and crisis plans.

As we read through the FEMA Bulletin, it’s a timely reminder for us Aussies to reflect and consider an important question: are we prepared for a disaster?

Your Checklist

Have you got your emergency plans in place?

Preparation can be the difference between disaster and resilience.

Have you signed up to alerts and warnings around your place of business?

Vic Emergency sends out alerts through their app or online system once you’ve registered your area of interest.

Do your staff know your evacuation zone and procedures well enough to be able to evacuate quickly in an emergency?

During the Twin Tower attack, a security manager called Rick Rescorla saved thousands of lives through thorough preparation. The employees in his tower had been running through their evacuation drills and had practised running down the stairs frequently enough that, when the time came, they were able to evacuate efficiently. A testament to the importance of preparedness, he evacuated 2,687 employees and was last seen heading back into the second tower to make sure everyone was evacuated. Only thirteen employees were lost in the building.

If you need help in writing emergency plans or training your staff, let us know. Our emergency management specialist, Philip Kent-Hughes, is ready, willing, and able to support you.

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