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MEDIA RELEASE: Crisis Shield launches London Crisis Team to help protect UK and Australian companies

Crisis Shield launch UK crisis management service

Pictured from left is Allan Briggs (Crisis Shield Managing Director), Tim Pallas (Victorian Government Treasurer), James Fitzpatrick (Crisis Shield Head of Operations, Europe & North America). Pictured on right is Crisis Shield's new City of London office on King William St.

Australian-born crisis management firm Crisis Shield launched operations in London on 1 July 2019, tasked to help companies, UK and Australian, to navigate the effects of Brexit and an unstable European political and financial market.

Crisis Shield developed a communication response plan for companies affected by the unstable market that’s based on tried-and-tested formulas and international best practice, including the British Standard for Crisis Management.

If applied successfully, the response plan will help shield companies from financial, operational and reputational consequences of the on-going Brexit challenge.

Crisis Shield’s London crisis team will be led by Managing Director Allan Briggs, and Head of Operations Europe and North America, James Fitzpatrick and supported by experienced local media and crisis advisors, including former British political advisors.

The London Crisis Team will be available on-call to help support UK and Australian companies and local communication teams that need to ramp-up to respond to complications as they arise.

“If Brexit goes ahead, companies operating in the UK will be challenged by staffing, supply chain, legal, pricing and reputational issues.”

“A company that doesn’t have a communication response plan to respond to and mitigate the effect of these issues, will likely suffer additional unnecessary damage.” said Mr. Briggs.

“Our team has completed countless hours of research on this issue and have applied our crisis management formulas and strategy to build a plan that will help companies navigate the uncertain times ahead.”

“We’re now offering that plan, coupled with advice, training, and on-call hands-on support from our experienced Crisis Team to any company and communications team operating in the UK.” Said Mr. Fitzpatrick.

Contact information

Crisis Shield London James Fitzpatrick Head of Operations, Europe & North America | +44 7889 268 294

68 King William St, London EC4N 7HR

Crisis Shield Melbourne Allan Briggs Managing Director | +61 417 160 120

Level 13, 530 Little Collins St, Melbourne 3000


With more than 50 years collective hands-on experience in crisis management and communications, the Crisis Shield team is well-versed in responding to time-critical events, working with multiple stakeholders, and managing intense – often aggressive – media scrutiny.

Crisis Shield’s unique consulting approach applies a combination of specialty skills to deliver solutions that are practical, sustainable, robust and based on evidence and best practice – not ‘gut-feel’.

Crisis Shield's team of crisis management experts

Crisis Shield's team of crisis management experts

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