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Christmas Roster

With only a few weeks until we break for Christmas, it’s important to set your Christmas crisis team roster.

This may seem over cautious, but in our experience, companies who plan for the worst usually have the least go wrong. Those who ‘wing it’ often end up in tears!

So, what is a Christmas roster?

For crisis management, it means rostering a skeleton crisis management team of staff who are trained and can join an online meeting at short notice to manage an incident.

Staff who are on the roster and expect to be busy or unprepared to respond should arrange for a deputy to cover that period for them. This is important for anyone who may have a little too much Christmas pudding…

The roster should include an alternate phone number (partner, relative or landline) and your location. You may not be happy to disclose your home address, but the suburb or location is helpful. Having a team where everyone is interstate or overseas isn’t ideal.

Early planning will place you and your business in a good position should something happen.

If you need any assistance in developing plans, training, or testing, your team you can contact our office for assistance. We offer a no-obligation first consultation to establish how prepared you are for a crisis.

Contact us at or call Allan Briggs on 0417 160 120.


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