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Coronavirus Crisis: Business Continuity in Disruptive Times

Since January 2020, when the first case in Australia of a person contracting the coronavirus was reported, business conditions have become increasingly more trying and organisations face unprecedented challenges to protect staff, customers and profitability. The team at Crisis Shield can help create and test your business continuity strategies and ensure you provide your staff the best opportunity to stay connected and committed to the business in the weeks and months ahead. If your business is yet to create an internal team responsible for managing this unprecedented time of challenge and change, then consider creating a Business Continuity Management team to help lead your response or recovery effort and maintain critical business functions and performance. In light of the current coronavirus pandemic, a BCM team would perform the following 8 key functions:

  1. Determine critical business processes and which staff are essential to perform these.

  2. Develop a continuity plan for each critical business function in conjunction with each business unit.

  3. Monitor internal responses to staff health, wellbeing and safety.

  4. Test your Business Continuity plans and the ability of each business unit to implement them.

  5. Liaise with key industry stakeholders (e.g. health agencies) to keep up to date with current advice and best practices.

  6. Monitor media to gauge local, national and international sentiment.

  7. Liaise with key stakeholders, suppliers, customers and industry stakeholders to maintain continuity of business practice.

  8. Keep abreast of government updates.

Don’t risk not having a crisis management plan! At Crisis Shield, we are continuing our work on business continuity plans, risk management and communication strategies with a range of global companies focussed on protecting staff, customers and profitability as risk profiles rapidly change around us.

We have a qualified and highly trained team ready to take you through our proven crisis management plans to ensure business continuity in these times of elevated risk and uncertainty.

Call me on 0417 160 120 or email for a chat on how we can help prepare and protect your business to survive for better times ahead.


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