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How do you know if your crisis team needs more training?

As we emerge from COVID and get back into a new rhythm at work, you may be wondering if you really need any crisis training; after all, you just survived a global pandemic. If your business is still operating, chances are you have a very robust business and crisis team.

It all sounds logical. Why invest in training and testing now?

Ask the right questions

Good leaders ask good questions of themselves and their business. You may indeed be in a good position and don’t require any training or testing right now, but the best way to find out is to answer these questions:

1. Are you prepared to respond to an immediate event?

While COVID was a major disruption to business, it was prolonged and we had some time to prepare; most crises are immediate and often without warning.

2. Have you trained a secondary team?

Your team may be exhausted. Facing a new crisis now may push them too far; have your secondary team ready to step in.

3. Are you trained and tested for your current environment?

Has the landscape changed (we suggest it has)? Things like new team members, remote/hybrid working arrangements, changed business structures or even a change in your actual business all serve to quickly outdate your previous training.

4. Are your crisis systems still working/relevant?

Many of us now operate with hybrid or remote arrangements, which requires changes to your crisis team documentation, staff notification processes, cloud document storage and crisis plans.

We can assist with an audit of your people, plans and systems to ensure you are up to date and ready should a crisis happen.

Contact us at or call 0417 160 120.

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