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Let's have a cyber-free, restful Christmas

As we fast approach Christmas, our attention is now turning to a break from work, spending time with family, presents and some Christmas pudding.

The last thing we want to be thinking about is responding to a crisis at work.

But Christmas is a wonderful time for cyber criminals, too – with your guard down and incident response teams operating on skeleton crews, businesses are particularly vulnerable.

As we have witnessed with the Medibank cyber-attack, cyber criminals act without morals; going so far as to release private medical records even when they know no ransom will be paid.

So, how can you take a break knowing everything will be okay?

Our CEO or COO are available for a 15-minute call to discuss your existing preparedness. If you are in good shape - terrific! If not, we can advise on steps you can take ahead of the Christmas break.

It’s been a challenging year and you deserve a relaxing break – let’s make sure a cyber event doesn’t change that.

Take care of your people, processes and systems now, so that you can enjoy the relaxing break you have earned.

Contact us at or call 0417 160 120.


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