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What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Well, it seems a lot – especially if you live in Victoria, Australia.

Whilst taking a financial hit (or should I say jab?) in yet another months-long lockdown to combat the continuing COVID-19 outbreak, we find ourselves shaken by not just a 5.9-magnitude earthquake but also major protests across the city which have resulted in heavy police presence and widespread violence.

So, what do you do? Running a business for most is extremely challenging right now – beyond the relentless response to the COVID crisis, we must also continue to be prepared for other incidents.

Firstly, we recommend you have a team dedicated to COVID response. If you have sufficient staff, this team should sit outside your critical incident (crisis) management team.

Secondly, you need to train up a secondary (and possibly even a tertiary) team to step in if a new incident occurs.

It’s fair to say that executive teams in most organisations would be fatigued today due to the lengthy and ongoing COVID response. Standing the primary executive team up for secondary incidents will cause further fatigue. Having the secondary team step in will ensure the incident is managed appropriately whilst taking the pressure off your primary team.

Thirdly, identify what risks are facing your organisation and put robust mitigation in place.

Our predicted risks moving forward are:

  • Cyber-attacks (with a worldwide increase of over 150% since the start of the pandemic)

  • Workforce disruption; return to work (managing COVIDsafe workplaces); dealing with vaccinated and non-vaccinated staff; hybrid working; workplace suicide and security

Preparing plans, positioning, and establishing frameworks for these incidents will place you in the best position to manage them well.

We have been working with clients to prepare them for these predicted incidents.

Thankfully, due to the development (and dare I say the word ‘pivot’) to online training and testing, you can have your secondary and tertiary teams prepared very quickly and efficiently.

We have delivered online training and testing over the past 18 months to clients here in Australia and in the United Kingdom. All effective and efficient.

Whilst we all hope for safer, smoother times ahead, the reality is we will need to be prepared for multiple incidents in the near future.

Please give us a call for a complimentary consultation to assist you on 0417 160 120 or email if you would like to know more on how to prepare and protect your business during these challenging times.


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