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(Working) Life on the Road!

What is it really like working while travelling? The romantic notion of being free, travelling and checking in with an email here and there, Teams/Zoom meetings along the way sounds very cool and fun.

Well, it is, to a degree…

One of the few positives of a global pandemic was the massive change in acceptance of online meetings, training, working and business interaction. Coupled with the availability of internet/mobile phone connection around the world, there are very few places you can’t be connected and work.

I’ve started writing this blog while travelling on a fast train from Paris to Bordeaux. It is part of three months of overseas work, where I will bookend a European holiday with work in Vietnam, Greece and the UK. But even when on holiday, it is important to me, and our clients, that I stay connected...

A few lessons I’m learning along the way:

  • The time difference can be a killer. The photo is me in a hotel dining room at 2am, meeting online with stakeholders as we plan a major exercise. It worked well but it does throw out your rhythm for the next day!

  • Compartmentalising work and travel is best when approached in a structured way. One can so easily distract from the other.

  • Deadlines become blurred as you lose track of days; rely on a good task management system.

  • You need a solid team back home to keep the office running. This can be the biggest point of failure; if the team back home can’t run the show, you’re in trouble. I’m very grateful to have a great team I can depend on.

  • Opportunities seem to present themselves when your availability is at its worst! Each time I travel, I find the enquiries increase significantly, as though people can sense you’re not around and then they want you. A challenge, but a good problem to have!

  • It’s not cheap! Travel costs have increased significantly and depending on where your home country is (in my case Australia) the exchange rate is a serious consideration.

  • You don’t need to answer emails within seconds. If it’s urgent, they will call.

  • Take sufficient time to explore and, when you do, stay in the moment – don’t let work consume you.

This trip started in Vietnam, with training sessions in Hanoi and Saigon. Then it was off to Greece where I presented at a Europe & UK casino conference. Now I’m taking some time to explore France and Spain before arriving in London, where I will be based for a period to build our presence in the UK and Europe.

One key attribute of our services is no matter what country, language or industry, the principles of what we do remain the same.

My key learning along this journey is to be adaptive, focus on listening (there is always a story behind the question) and enjoy the unpredictability. I’m finishing this blog in a RV in Lourdes (southern France). It’s raining a lot… good working weather!

If you would like to know more about our services or want some guidance on how well you are prepared for a crisis right now, then contact us on or call me on +614 17 160 120.


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