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Preparing for an unknown threat; preparation as your best defence

As the Prime Minister has acted to address an increasing domestic terror threat at a Federal level, we cannot afford to be complacement in the preparation for our own businesses, should the worst occur.

With former ambassador to Indonesia, Greg Moriaty being appointed as Australia's first anti-terrorism coordinator, and Michael Keenan as the nation's first Minister Assisting the Prime Minister for Counter Terrorism, it is obvious that the Federal Government is stepping up it's anti-terrorism preparedness.

But are the rest of us taking the threat as seriously?

The prioritisation of these new stand-alone roles within government highlights that we as a country are taking these threats seriously, and it also highlights just how real the danger is.

Terrorism is no longer something that "just doesn't happen here". As well as the foiled attacks in Melbourne, there have been six disrupted terror attacks since the threat level was raised to high last September.

Sadly, violent extremism, be it politically or religiously motivated, is becoming part of our world. While we in Australia have escaped the worst impacts so far, other countries have not been so lucky, experiencing incidents like the 2005 London Bombings and Norway's 2011 Utoya Island massacre.

While large scale plots are under focus right now, 'lone wolf' attackers have been described as one of the most dangerous kinds of attacks - and argubaly the most likely in Australia.

As we have discussed before, this is no time for complaceny; this proactivity by the government needs to be replicated and built on in the private sector as well. Only by actively engaging with the chance of threat can we be prepared should the worst happen.

If the worst were to happen and a bomb threat was uncovered, or an active shooter used your workplace to stage a vendetta, are your crisis plans tried and tested? Being prepared and trained is the best way to ensure safety, and business continuity.

Looking for help in developing or testing your business's preparedness? Talk with one of the Briggs Communications experts today or have a look through some of the services we offer.

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