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Schools remain calm, follow procedures, and keep their stakeholders informed amidst the second lockd

By James Fitzpatrick

Crisis communications: school lockdown

Toowoomba Police are still hunting for a potentially armed suspect after a major police chase in Glenvale last week.

The three schools that enacted lockdown (Glenvale Christian School, Darling Downs Christian School, and Glenvale State School) seemingly responded with poise and according to procedure; communicating consistently with all relevant stakeholders as the incident unfolded.

Speaking with the Toowoomba Chronicle, Glenvale State School principal, David Saxton, said the school followed lockdown procedures as soon as Police notified them of the incident. Communication was a critical part of this procedure, and the school sent parents two separate notifications.

Saxton went on to commend the students and staff for the “responsible and effective manner in which they managed a very unusual occurrence at the school”.

Saxton also highlighted that the school had offered support to all students at the school as a result of the incident.

It is reassuring these schools appear to have responded well to mitigate a critical incident. However it is concerning to see the need for two lockdowns in the same area within just nine days. These events serve as an important reminder; facing critical incidents is a genuine reality for businesses all over Australia.

Are you and your staff adequately prepared to respond as effectively as these schools have?

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