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Leytonstone train station terrorist attack – how a crisis can happen anywhere and at anytime

On the 6th of December at a London train station, a man brandishing a large knife slashed one man’s throat and injured two others in what is being labelled a terrorist attack.

Within minutes of the attack, videos taken from bystanders emerged all over the Internet on social media sites. In a time where videos can go viral in minutes, the response by the train attendants and the bystanders during a crisis were severely highlighted.

The footage of the attack demonstrated not only passer-by’s lack of response – with many standing around filming but also the train station security guards who were seen with their backs turned whilst the attack occurred. It was also interesting that the first officers on the scene were uniformed officers with no firearms. This has called both the security of train stations and their ability to respond to a major crisis into question.

The man was eventually subdued and arrested by police, however the attack at a small London train station showcases that a crisis/emergency can happen anywhere and at anytime.

This attack coupled with the recent Paris attacks is a reminder that it is essential not only for emergency response teams to have the skills to be able to manage a crisis but also organisations.

This one-man attack in a relatively small London suburb has highlighted the need for highly specialised crisis management and response plans. The impact of a crisis can be significantly reduced by having a crisis plan in place.

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