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As the Fire Danger increases – are you prepared?

Meteorologists have predicted that this summer will be one of the hottest and driest seasons yet. Emergency services pushed Victoria’s fire season forward by a month, prompted by predictions of extreme weather conditions. With warnings that nearly all states in Australia will potentially endure severe fire seasons, it is critical that you are prepared.

From 2014-15 emergency services in Victoria responded to around 4,250 bush and grass fires – and that’s just for one state.

During bushfire season on especially hot and dry days as we saw last weekend, fires can become uncontrollable, unpredictable and fast moving – meaning that having a fire ready plan in place for your business or home is essential for survival.

A crisis such as a fire can be hard to handle especially because they can be unpredictable. Preparing a crisis management plan for your business will go along way in ensuring the safety of your staff and your building.

Although leaving is the best form of prevention, especially if you are situated near grassland or bush, having a specialized plan can lessen the impact a fire has on your home, business and yourself.

Emergency Services Minister, Jane Garrett urged that “the better prepared you are, the more you can protect yourself and your property”.

Crisis management plans assist in being able to successfully respond to a crisis such as a fire. Having a crisis management plan for your business puts into place processes, systems and strategies that will equip employees with the skills to adequately prepare for and respond to a crisis.

If you think your business is ill-equipped and unprepared to deal with a fire or other potential threats, call Briggs Communications today. We offer specifically tailored crisis management services and training. This will enable your business to gain the relevant skills required to minimize the impact of an unexpected event and increase the speed of recovery.

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