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How to Manage a Crisis Tip #004: What to Prepare Before the Christmas Break [Video]

What has the Briggs Communications team been up to in the lead up to Christmas?

Preparing crisis response kits and procedures for our clients to use over the Christmas break.

Why? Murphy’s law. When something’s going to go wrong, it’ll all goes wrong, and it’ll happen at 3am on Christmas morning when your crisis team and senior managers are a million miles away.

What should organisations and their crisis management teams be doing to prepare themselves for the Christmas break?

Trying to manage a crisis over the break is always going to be difficult but before you clock off for that well earned drink on Christmas eve – at least make sure you’ve checked or prepared the following four simple things:

  1. Ensure your organisation’s critical contact list (i.e. the names of those you’ll need to contact in the event of a crisis; senior executives, key stakeholders, the crisis management team etc.) is up to date and you know where to access it on-or-offline.

  2. Make sure someone has a record of which beach your crisis management team, or senior managers, will be at over the Christmas break so that you know who’s close by if you need to mobilise a team or where people will be if you need to contact them.

  3. Ensure your crisis management team or senior managers have both soft and hard copies of the latest version of your crisis management plan. Ideally they should have access to this no-matter where they are (and that they themselves know how to access it).

  4. Make sure your crisis management team or senior managers have the ability to log in or call in and support the team remotely if need be.

What if I've left it all too late?

If you’re reading this and you’ve already clocked off for the year and it’s too late to prepare any of the above, remember you can always mobilise our on-call crisis team and resources over the break. We can mobilise crisis support at any time from around the world.

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