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How to Manage a Crisis Tip #003: 5 Crisis Lessons from Dreamworld [Video]

Dreamworld, it has become a sobering reminder of our own vulnerability in a crisis.

Many of us have noted the response by the Dreamworld/Ardent Leisure executives and what could have been done better.

While this will be a well-documented and discussed case study for years to come, it does provide us with a timely wake up call to reflect on how well prepared your organisation is for a crisis.

Could this happen to anyone?

Absolutely, every organisation is at risk of experiencing a crisis so it's particularly important that you're prepared.

What 5 things should organisations be doing to prepare themselves?

  1. Identify the top 10 things that could go wrong at your organisation

  2. Write a crisis plan for how you would respond should any of those risks occur

  3. Train and test your crisis team, at least on an annual basis

  4. Ensure that everyone in your organisation understands that there is a crisis plan and that they know what their role is should a crisis occur

  5. Commit the necessary resources and funding to ensure the crisis plan is implemented and well rehearsed throughout your organisation

Don't have a crisis plan? Use our online plan generator or free diagnosis tool to help you get started.

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